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Conceal Carry Class

     We are certified by the NRA to conduct  both basic pistol and conceal carry classes.     

     We also offer non-NRA certified safety and private instruction covering rifle and handgun handling and accuracy.



Basic CCW Class $100.00, plus range time to complete the live fire portion of the course. Range fees will vary depending on the range we use.


Beyond The Conceal Carry Permit


Beyond the conceal carry permit class $100.00 for a 4 hour session. This course is designed to teach firearm cleaning and maintience,  plus 2 ala-carte subjects below.

Basic Defensive Shooting Skills


Basic defensive shooting skills class $100.00 for a 4 hour session will teach, shooting skills not offered in the CCW classes. We will instruct you to shoot with both eyes open in  rapid fire situations in a safe setting. Firearm deployment, and firearm presentation. We will also talk about cover and concealment. This class is recommended to be taken as an individual and no more than 2 students will be allowed at a time to ensure plenty of individal instruction.


Ala-carte training is for the individual seeking private one on one training covering user defined areas of training.  There are no prerequsites for this setion. The fees will be $25.00 pr hour, plus range time if needed and ammunition.

Areas we could cover for you.

Gun cleaning


Close marksmanship

Laser drills

Airsoft drills

Choosing your firearm \ Buying a firearm

Concealment options

Situational awareness

Holster work