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Legal Transfers

If you use us as your online gun dealer we will accept delivery of your online firearm purchases and transfer it to our location. We do not deal in NFA arms, we will not transfer fully automatic firearms or firearms that fall under NFA registration rules. We have discontinued transferring AR\AK class pistols due to the current way the laws are written.

However, please note that completion and approval of ATF Form 4473 via  NICS (National Instant Criminal Background check) will still be required to take possession of any new or used firearm. In addition there is a $25.00 fee for transfer due at the time you take possession.

In addition, any hand gun, AR, AK Class Rifle will also require a valid CCL or Permit to Purchase prior to being transferred. In addition multipal firearm transfers of hand guns, AR, AK Class Rifles will cost $35.00 each for filing reasons.

Please email us at

Please include your name, phone number, what make and model  is being transferred, and the

link of the sending dealer.